Logo Creation & Meaning get Insights from our CEO

Our mission is vital for us! We spend a lot of time thinking of a catchy name fitting for our mission, next up we needed a logo! I must say we hit it spot on! But now some background knowledge, I wanted a logo that like our name was easy to understand. For that, I created a list of things we care most about: It looked like this:

  •     Planet Earth
  •     Nature
  •     Endangered Animals
  •     Clean Ocean
  •     Sustainability

In One Word Help4Nature.com After some brainstorming and sketching, I came up with this! Including all the elements our brand is about.

Warning terrible drawing skills ;-)

Luckily our designer did fantastic work! He understood what I was going for. After a bit of back and forth; we ended up with 2 different designs.

New Logo          Logo v2

I was instantly in love with the first design, and everything lined up... But now let me explain my thoughts seeing our logo.

Our logo is round, it symbolizes our planet earth and what we care about, our nature on the planet! We have split it up in four segments, the lines dividing the circle is a symbol for our country borders, we are for everyone with no boundaries or borders! In between the lines, we have our four letters in help. In the 4 segments, we have symbols that are connected to our brand. The Amur Leopard is one of the most endangered species on earth. Trees without em we can't breathe, CO2 is a rasing problem. Wave, the ocean is the biggest element of our planet, we have to protect our fishes before there is more plastic then friends :(. Sustainability, we do not support any waste! We ship in eco-friendly mailers, recycled wrapping paper and would damage any animals. In the middle, we have a big 4 wich finalizes our four theme, four letters, four symbols and number 4.

All together it says Help 4 Nature.

Hope you got some insights and feel the passion for this brand, I want to make a change! I am sure you will help! :)
But now its time to save some animals!
Thank you for reading, I know how valuable your time is, so it tried to keep it short.
If you have feedback, kindly send it to info@Help4Nature.com

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