Why did I create Help4Nature.com?

I am an ocean lover, any sport involving the water I enjoy!
One day on the beach, I thought, "How will this place be in 20 years?" I figured probably the same right? Later that day, I scrolled through my Insta-Feed, what did I see? A short movie about plastic pollution. It said click in my head & I just knew I wanted to be right about my statement earlier, this ocean is going to stay the same, or be even better for all my animal friends. My problem was all by myself I could not do enough for planet earth, so I thought I am not the only one that is interested in saving our oceans. Why not create a brand that is just for people like me, trying to save the planet! Not only will I that way be able to make a way bigger impact but also share the message and do what I love!
You know what to do, even if you don't want to spend money on my store, please go out there and do something good for nature, every animal will be thankful & you will have a great feeling! Win-win right? I hope you like this little insight :)
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